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Month: July, 2012

Maintaining organized

What has worked for me is Maintaining organized .

I am able to follow up (and have a great memory)

It is important to maintain organized in order to close the deal.

It is not just about the event and collecting business cards.

It is about what do you do afterwards.

You have to, have to, have to stay organized and follow up!!

I take it an extra step and find them
on LinkedIn. This way if I want to send them a message, I can.

Moral of the story, stay organized !!!!

Follow Up!

When I was working for Spanish Food Solutions, the owner’s father always used to say “follow it up!”

I understood what I meant but never understood why?

I understand now. When you call someone and when you schedule the appointment and it goes so well. It doesn’t end at that point.

It is about following up with a phone call to determine a purchase order.

Obviously, the industry is different but it is the same concept.

In the industry I am in, it is about the job order and getting someone placed at that organization.

Site Visits are useless unless you complete the process!!

That is today’s lesson!!


Pounding the Pavement 2

The reactions are so much different over the phone than in person.

Over the phone, there could be 1 million reasons to blow you off.

When you appear in person, I learned you have to be nice to the gatekeeper.

The gatekeeper is what allows you to get in or just give you information for he future.

Whether I was out last week or even yesterday, realized how important treating the gatekeeper really is.

The individual gave me all of the information to follow up with personnel.

Now, had I been a mean guy,
It probably would have not happened.

Moral of the story, be nice to gatekeepers.



Pounding the Pavement


I pounded the pavement with one
of my colleagues. I made the last stop alone.

I realized that sometimes you have to go in person a few times before getting what you want.

It takes about 7 touches usually before you can reach the person.

You can’t give up!!

Also, you have to be strategic.
You can’t just go anywhere.

Pick the type of companies that you would like to be apart of.

Then speak to volunteer department and/or human resources.

It is the only way you will get in the organization in which you want to work with.

Moral of the story, never give up!!


Staying motivated

I know it is difficult to stay motivated while job hunting. Think of the end prize. Full time employment and to return to the workforce.

However, it is about staying motivated and knowing the payoff will be great. It is about thinking outside of the box when trying to seek employment.

Not just applying online. Talk to your alumni network, talk to your church. Speak to the individuals through LinkedIn. Your softball team, join and join a group.

There are always events that happen throughout the city every week.

Just have to be willing to think outside of the box.

Enjoy your day!!


Time Management

People ask me how do it do it?
How do I do two jobs and being enrolled online at Walden University?

I just do it. That is the attitude you need to have.

It is about not making excuses and just getting the job done.

Allocate time for school, allocate time for the gym, allocate time for work (obviously)!

It is about not procrastinating and getting the job done sometimes when you are at your weakest.

I call it “gut check” time! Call it whatever you want.

Moral of the story, there never is no time, you have to make time!!!

Enjoy your day!!!

Jobs not in public sector

According to USA today, 130,000 jobs were added the last quarter which dropped the unemployment rate to 8.1.

The number is deceiving because it does not include the discouraged workers who give up job hunting after 6 months.

That is exactly what I am talking about in my job. You can provide information about civil exams, guide individuals to test prep books etc.

Target the small businesses, the non-profits, there is less of an entry barrier and many of the recent graduates will obtain employment in those sectors.

Hope the little inspires you..,


Networking Part 2

Late blog today!
On bus on way to teach.
Went to canvassing today.

Realized one thing,
sometimes you will
not hit a home run
at every at bat.

It take 6-7 touches before reaching the employer. Once you receive that face time, then it is up to you to shine at that point.

If you give up after the first two attempts, then you will fail in all that you do in sales, marketing, business development etc.

Moral of the story,

Never give up!!


As much experience as I have, even I mess up sometimes. Networking is an art that is underestimated.

It is knowing when to make entrance / exit, when to exchange cards, looking someone in the eye and one of the easiest but forgotten arts is to LISTEN.

Silence isn’t always a bad thing.
It could be a time that the person is really processing what you said.

If someone is talking, pay attention, don’t cut them off. Remember what they do and see how it fits with your organization.

It is an art that if mastered, can take you to new heights.

Happy Job Hunting!!


Thank you letter

Good Morning!
People always forget about the thank you letter. Many individuals believe it ends with the interview.

However, you are wrong.
Some recruiters or employers like
that individuals show initiative
and that you care about the position.

It is important that you send a thank you email also highlighting part of interview that interested you.

This is important because it shows that you were paying attention.

I have one more piece of advice,
If you can, send a thank you card. It can say “Jill, thank you for the opportunity to interview!”

This shows you went above and beyond.

Happy job hunting,

Jairo Borja