I’m back, working in tiers

by chokedoutradio

I am happy to be back.
I have been off since last week.
I apologize.

I am looking to print, so if I can
start in your local newspaper.
Please let me know.

Today’s topic is about understanding your work in layers. It is also about understanding items from both the macro and micro level.

Let’s begin with understanding about understanding layers. One of my great colleagues was talking about the layers of federal positions versus state level position versus local level positions.

At the federal level there are three types of positions: politics, contracts and law enforcement/military. If you are counseling someone from a career standpoint. The journey does not end once you obtain your Bachelors degree. It is only the beginning.

You can have to be mindful that It will take time. From a state level it is almost the same. Except there at state troopers to replace the military part as mentioned above .

From the local level, there are specific agencies that are tied into the court system. ACS, ACLU to name a few.

From the municipalities, to the prison reentry programs, substance abuse homes etc, be mindful of the opportunities in all three layers.

People know it but it is up to people like myself to shed light on the subject. It is my job to educate everyday!!

It is about understanding the issues from both the macro or broader perspective. It is about understanding the big picture. It is about thinking outside of the box. At the micro level is about understanding that for some of these roles, it is not about the money. It is about improving society and you are part of the solution. It is about understanding the industry, market, the product/service and the individuals themselves.

In conclusion, I have completed speaking about talking in layers. I also spoke about understanding items from both the macro and micro level.

Enjoy your weekend!!!